Global Promotion Group - overseas real estate and investments. New approach

Investment in real estate is one of reliable types of investments. Global Promotion Group for the last few years successfully conducts events, dedicated to investments and overseas property.

Events organised by Global Promotion Group differentiate from fairground exhibitions by its effective format:

- Limited number of participating companies; 
- Well thought business program;
- In advance registered and selected audience, only of targeted visitors;

First day of event is devoted to professional participaters of local real estate market and gives an opportunity to expand portfolio and find new partners between exhibitors. Participaters and visitors gather around the round table, in order to discuss relevant subjects of real estate market. Then agents will be able to individually speak with representatives of exhibitor-companies and listen to series of presentations and speech of spikers. 

Second day of event is devoted to potential buyers and investors. They will also be able to chat with exhibitors, and those in turn can make presentation, to show their projects to the ultimate buyers. Buyers and investors can directly get acquainted with developers and representatives of leading foreign real estate agencies, and get to know answers for topical questions about acquisition of real estate, second citizenship, residence, migration and investments generally. 

In the territory of CIS exhibitions are held in Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg), in Kazahstan (Almaati), Azerbaijan (Baku) and Ukraine (Kiev). In 2018 events will be held in Georgia (Tbilisi and Batumi).

GEOREX  2018 - Georgia Real  Estate EXPO

On exhibitions in Batumi and Tbilisi, along with local targeted audience of visitors, will also be professionals, clients and investors from CIS countries, Middle East and Baltic.

Global Promotion Group events in 2018:

Batumi, Georgia 12-13 of september; 
Tbilisi, Georgia 15-16 of september;
Moscow, Russia 5-6 of october; 
Saint Petersburg, Russia 9-10 of october;
Almaty, Kazakhstan 30-31 of october;
Kiev, Ukraine 16-17 of november;
Baku, Azerbaijan 1-2 of december.

Global Promotion Group is №1 in organisation of professional events devoted to real estate and investments in territory of CIS.

Global Promotion Group
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