Planning and the right approach to the process of real estate renovation

Renovating an apartment is a complex and time-consuming process, in which many factors and stages must be taken into account

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Real estate in Istanbul

This article will provide information about the benefits of investing in real estate in Istanbul.

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Turkish real estate market

The most important issue for those planning to buy property abroad is choosing the right real estate agency.

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Investment in the UK

In this article, I want to talk about a product that is relatively new for the expanses of the former USSR - investment profitable objects in the UK. It was not by chance that I called this product ne...

Investment Property abroad

World real estate markets

What's going on there? Where is property growing and where is it falling? Where does it make sense to invest, and which countries have lost their former leadership positions? Trying to figure it out.

Real estate Investment Property abroad

About Old Maid Syndrome (Based on Experience with Overseas / Resort Property Buyers)

You need to part with money easily, without groans - said Ostap Bender and was right in his own way.

Property abroad

3 common mistakes a foreign real estate buyer makes to generate rental income

Why do you need an apartment abroad? For own use or to generate income.

Investment Property abroad

Real estate in Istanbul - is it worth investing?

Istanbul is one of the greatest capitals in the world. Its long history attracts millions of tourists every year. Istanbul is considered one of the largest financial centers in the world, where many f...

Real estate Investment Property abroad

Global Promotion Group - overseas real estate and investments. New approach

Investment in real estate is one of reliable types of investments. Global Promotion Group for the last few years successfully conducts events, dedicated to investments and overseas property.

Investment Property abroad

Dubai is the Place, Now is the Time.

Dubai Ranks as the world’s busiest for international traffic, with international passengers doubled by end of 2016 to over 83.6 million. In 2010, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world puts...

Real estate Investment Property abroad