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Olympus Park - See the world from above

Olympus Park carries out all construction processes from the development of the concept of a residential building to its management. The company was founded in 2010. The technical and managerial potential accumulated during this period allows the company to build all projects, regardless of complexity. Each completed object has its own unique style. Projects included in the company's portfolio:


Project «28 May»

The foundation of the premium sea view project was laid in September 2019. The complex will be handed over to residents by the end of this year. The house is located in the very centre of the city, at the exit from the metro on May 28.

You can see the apartments offered in the project in the profile of the complex.


Project «Nobel»

The project, which began construction last year, will be completed in 2022. The residential complex will consist of 6 blocks and 12 floors. The facade will be faced with fibreglass elements. Residents will be provided with a 2-storey car park to make the yard spacious and comfortable.

You can see the apartments offered in the project in the profile of the complex.


Project «Boutique-2»

The foundation of the project, consisting of two 100-apartment, 12-storey buildings located one minute from the Darnagul metro station, was laid in December last year. The complex has 2-storey underground parking, 2-storey non-residential premises, 24-hour security.

You can see the apartments offered in the project in the profile of the complex.


Completed projects with no apartments left for sale:

Project «Khirdalan»

Project «Boutique-12»

Project «Neftchilar»

Project «Nasimi»

Project «Elmler»

Project «Sabail»


For more information on the sale of apartments in these complexes, please contact the sales office:


Olympus Park:

Mob.: +994 50 297 40 40

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.olympus.az



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